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I’ve suffered from high blood pressure for years, and for the longest time I thought I had no control over my situation. BP Guardian has allowed me to gain exact knowledge about my pressure has brought me so much peace of mind. First time in years I feel in control!

Charles H. Clemons

#1 Easy-To-Use, Affordable Blood Pressure Monitor


BP Guardian has a brightly lit screen that provides accurate readings, including for those with irregular heartbeats.


Up to 2 people can use this blood pressure monitor with a single press start and stop feature.


Managing blood pressure readings with ease on the app with the Bluetooth-enabled features of BP Guardian.

Comfortable Design, Easy-To-Read Monitor Is Best On The Market

BP Guardian is made for regular use. So, it's easy to use, comfortable to put on, and its large monitor makes it effortless to read the blood pressure numbers.

Thousands Turn To BP Guardian Every Day

Monitor Heartbeat

BP Guardian is so precise, it can detect irregular heartbeats, giving you more information on your health.

Break Down Data

Holds up to 60 blood pressure readings, letting you and medical professionals examine the types of trends that can detect serious issues.


You can trust that BP Guardian's readings are accurate time and time again.

#1 Heart Rate App

Possibly BP Guardian's best feature is the app which enables tracking health data over time, information any doctor will need for a proper diagnosis.

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Finally, An Affordable, Effective Blood Pressure Monitor

There are hundreds of blood pressure monitors on the market, many of which cost hundreds of dollars. Some of the “most effective ones” can cost as much as a car payment!

With more than 100 million people in need of accurate blood pressure readings daily, it’s CRAZY to pay that much! That’s like buying a $300 screwdriver!

BP Guardian brings accurate blood pressure readings to your doorstep for a phenomenal cost, letting you take proper care of your health without emptying your bank account.

They've discounted the already low price of $69.95, offering you the chance to get a BP Guardian right now for just $39.95!

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Get Accurate Readings!

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Connect To Your Cell Phone Or Tablet!

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Save Money!

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Protect Your Health!

Why Choose BP Guardian?

Get fast, accurate blood pressure readings with a low-cost device that’s well-made and connects to your smartphone. BP Guardian is the blood pressure tool you’ve been waiting for!

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You can’t have a doctor at home, but you can have BP Guardian!

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Protect your heart with accurate readings every day!

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Know your blood pressure BEFORE you see the doctor.

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BP Guardian has an easy to read display that works with any set of eyes!

BP Guardian Is Your Ally In Monitoring Blood Pressure

In four easy steps, you’ll have the information you need to promote your health.

1 Step

Unbox BP Guardian

2 Step

Download The BP Guardian App On Your Smartphone

3 Step

Connect The Device To The App

4 Step

Begin Taking Blood Pressure Readings!

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User 1

I got diagnosed with high bp just last winter - and I got recommended BP Guardian. All I can say is that it’s worked amazing for me! I always know my levels now and can regulate them when I need to. With the price point being what it is I actually got 3 of them to have one in the summer house and one spare for when I travel. BP Guardian has honestly helped me more than anything this past year!

Heather B. | Bloomington, IN
User 2

Over the years I’ve tried countless Blood pressure monitors - and after time all of them have proven inaccurate and unreliable. BP Guardian is the first time I’ve tried something that’s truly precise - can’t recommend this product enough, especially compared to the other crap that’s out there!

Richard P. | Clanton, AL
User 3

After using my third blood pressure monitor over the past 3 years - You could say I had lost hope in finding a product that lasts over time. I’m glad to say I’ve seen the light ever since I got my BP Guardian. I’m honestly in awe about how cheap it is for the level of quality you get..

Gordon M. | Hope, KS
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