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I am surprised how this really small and portable device can cool air so rapidly. I just add cold water and power and can feel the difference in my study in just minutes. The great thing, it can be charged with a portable power bank and thanks to that it's lightweight - I was able to take it with me on my last camping trip!

Izzy L. Clothier

Powerful 3-in-1 Portable AC Cools, Purifies AND Humidifies!

Strip 1 COOLS

Cooling mist keeps your living space crisp and comfortable no matter the outside temperature.


Small yet powerful filter traps dust, allergens and microbes, keeping the air you breathe as clean as it is cool.


Puts moisture back into the air, keeping your skin hydrated (unlike traditional AC units).

Make Summer Time The Coolest With Chiller AC

The #1 portable air conditioning unit on the market isn’t some overpriced, name-brand machine that roars all day long.

Chiller AC

It’s everything you want in a portable AC unit... and then some!

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Chiller AC Is Your Key To A Relaxing Summer! Cool Rooms Instantly, Keep Friends And Family Comfortable

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The Chiller AC will keep you relaxed, cool and even healthier with its amazing air-purifying capabilities!

This easy-to-use device is just a plug and play away from being your #1 summer tool. Just add water, turn it on to your desired level and watch the mercury drop!

Its purification filter is top-of-the-line, eliminating dust, microbes, allergens, and pollutants. Small children, seniors and those with breathing issues will benefit from this powerful little device.

Plus - it’s portable! That means you can use it indoors or outdoors. Keep it near your mosquito net on the deck, put it in the dining room during dinner or bring it in the garage for car repairs. It’s the best portable AC unit on the market!

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Summers Just Got Way Cooler

Not that kind of cool, Chiller AC makes it literally cooler by bringing the gift of simple hydration to any room it’s in. By blowing a chill mist into the air, the water evaporates and ends the dryness that turns your skin into scales.

It uses evaporative cooling technology transforming water or ice into an effective cooling tool. Plus, it comes with 4 speeds that let you adjust the cooling to your specific needs.

For 80-degree days, there's:🥶 Cool Mode - It’s like a desktop fan, but cold

For 85-degree days, you'll prefer:🧊 Chill Mode - This is great for smaller rooms that get hot

For 90-degree barn burners, you'll want:❄️ Freeze Mode - If you need to cool down any size room in minutes

And for true scorchers, try:☃️ Turbo Mode - In case you need to feel like you’re in an ice bath IMMEDIATELY

Chiller AC - Affordable In More Ways Than One

Not only is Chiller AC offering instantly cooler temps at 50% off right now, it's a money-saving tool your home can use all summer long!

Normally, the Chiller AC costs $179.99, but the manufacturer is offering a major discount.

You can get the Chiller AC for just $89.99 if you act right now!

Plus, if you buy more than one, the discounts REALLY pile up. You can get up to 65% off!

Easing Painful Utility Bills

All across America, utility bills are skyrocketing and getting worse!

Residents of states like California can expect to spend a minimum of $220 per month, but it's just as bad all over. Plus, during heat waves you'll pay even more. And those heat waves can last weeks!

Imagine a $400 utility bill... now imagine that 3 months in a row!

Chiller AC will allow you to keep one room cool without running your AC unit throughout the house. You won't have to cool rooms you're not in.

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3-in-1 Portable AC Devices Offers MORE Than Cool Air

Traditional air conditioners can create as many problems as they solve. You’ll get cool air, but you’ll also have much higher utility bills, drier skin and potentially more pollution flying around your home.

Chiller AC offers a portable cooling device you can take with you, and a powerful tool for cleaning the air and hydrating your skin, while keeping your power bills reasonable.

This is the portable AC device you need in your home when the temperature goes up, get it today!

Perfect Bedroom Buddy
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Breathe cool, clean air all night long WITHOUT all the noise of an air purifier!

Best Living Room Tool
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Your family will enjoy cool evenings even when it’s a triple-digit scorcher outside.

Cool Kitchen Cooking
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Summer cooking can become a cool experience with the Chiller AC!

Cool... Camping?
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It’s true, this portable device can even keep your tent cool!

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

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Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews For Chiller AC

Why are there so many fans of the Chiller AC?

Chiller AC Chiller AC
Other AC Others
  • 3 In 1 Cools, Purifies & Humidifies
  • Fan Mode Adjustable Fan Modes
  • Filtration Multi-Layer Filtration
  • Operation Noise-Free Operation
  • Arctic Cooling Instant Arctic Cooling
  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Tick Yes
  • Cross No
  • Cross No
  • Cross No
  • Cross No
  • Cross No


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User 1

Just one charge & it cools for a good 6 - 7 hours

I have been using this product for 2 months now and it's amazing how quickly it cools. I am able to charge this with my laptop & power bank and it works for over 6 hours comfortably. As advertised it's truly lightweight and fits into my trekking backpack too. If you are an outdoorsy person, its a must have.

Martyn | Bloomington, IN
User 2

Cute little cooler!

I love how cute this thing looks on my desk while still doing the job! Just add water and its ready to start cooling in minutes - this is the first thing I switch one when I get back on a hot day! Unlike what I expected, it actually is 100% noise-free, so you can sleep without any disturbance.

Morgan Rose | Clanton, AL
User 3

Five stars all the way!

I have had portable AC's before but this one beats them hands down on - build, portability & effective cooling all the way! I was not sure if the air filter would work - but when I opened it for a quick clean - I was able to see the gunk it had trapped - pretty amazing! I have 1 at office and 1 at home.

Maicek | Hope, KS
Stay Cool & Save 50%, Act Now!